Wednesday, October 29, 2008

buenas tardes boys and ghouls...

after a 3 month hiatus due to not so accesable internet access i now feel ready to resume periodically spewing my thoughts and reflections into a box for all to see.

as i left mama roja with a(nother) bug in my foot and a heaviness in my heart the last image reflected on my eyeballs as we drove out the gate was rambo, the furry, toothless love of my life sitting with ears pricked watching us go. it was a sad goodbye, but more than anything i feel incredibly greatful for all the good times and learning i had there and for the fact that i will never have to spend another night in that damned canadian tent.

instead i will spend the next 10 days sitting on a cushion in complete silence at a vipassna meditation retreat an hour outside of buenos aires. i thought it would be a good transition and i hear the food is great, so for now i leave you with the sacred sound of the universe...


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WadnerDaddy said...

Complete verbal silence is a considerable challenge, but I'm guessing shutting down the mental chatter will be even more difficult. I'm impressed with your willingness to take on those challenges (not to mention being willing to sit in that incredibly uncomfortable position. Hurry up and get it over so you can tell me how it was.

Cousin Ross has been in China for about a month teaching English. From his blog, it looks like he's having a pretty interesting time.
Here's his blog address: